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I heard good things about &Sons and small plates are always interesting so off MissY and I went! We decided to choose 4 small plates to share.

Tagliolini, Crab & Nduja ($9)

20140623-105030.jpg Nduja? Had to google this – so Wiki says it is “a spicy, spreadable pork sausage from Italy”. Ahhh… even without knowing what it was, I liked this dish a lot. It was salty, creamy and flavourful with the crabmeat and nduja. Post meal, I found out that the white stuff on top is olive oil snow.

Paccheri, Iberico Pork & Truffle ($15)

20140623-105129.jpg MissY liked the paccheri from her previous visit. So we ordered the “Pa–Char-Ree”. This needed googling too; we learn new things everyday – paccheri is a traditional Neapolitan pasta, generally made with semolina of durum wheat in the shape of giant round tubes, and that erm, it is pronounced “Pa-Kar-Ee”. (Take note, MissY!)

It looked like a tall cinnamon bun, pasta style with cream, shreds of iberico pork and whiffs of truffle. It was a little on the bland side for me and I definitely prefer the tagliolini.

Snails & Bone Marrow ($15)

20140623-105328.jpg My 2 loves! How can this go wrong? But it kinda did. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell where the bone marrow was; think the bone marrow could be put to better use. The entire dish also tasted oddly bitter and the snails were overdone.

Burrata, Asparagus Cream, Hazelnuts ($15)

20140623-105415.jpg We thought we’d better order some veg to balance our carbo-rich meal. This came recommended by S but I wasn’t too impressed. Whilst the burrata was clean and pillowy, there was nothing fancy about the rest of the salad.

Overall, I must say I was somewhat disappointed. The reviews were good and the menu held so much promise; but it didn’t translate to a good meal. Perhaps it was an off-day but I won’t be anxious to return.

20140623-105504.jpg #01-19 China Square Central
Open Mon-Fri 11:3am-2:30pm / Sat 5pm-1am



R decided on an early V day dinner date on Wed (to avoid the crazy prices and crowd). I countered his original suggestion with Bam! since I heard good things about this 3-month-old tapas place.

Firstly, a special mention for the impeccable service (and there isn’t even service charge!). The servers were friendly and attentive, without being intrusive. They were knowledgeable about the dishes and able to rattle off quick precise answers to my questions about ingredients. One of the servers also offered a bling bling (always a bonus!:)) bag hook and he hovered around to ensure that my bag would hang securely. Every plate and cutlery was cleared away after each dish – I guess so that the taste of the dishes would not cross taint. I was quite touched by the effort and attention to detail at Bam!.

On to the food, which was equally impressive! I love texture and layered taste in food and Bam! is chock-full of such surprises.

Sakura Ebi Omelette with Melon and All-i-oli ($23+)

The crispy and salty sakura ebi nicely broke the monotony of the fluffy omelette and the all-i-oli bound the dish together with warm creaminess. To add further “excitement”, slices of melon were served on the side and you can introduce some fruity sweetness and crunch if you like. Real clever.

Kampong Egg with Baby Sotong and Chorizo ($14+)

When it was first served, the fried baby squids were perked prettily on a bed of onion puree and a wobbly egg. The server told us to mix it all up before eating which was a bit of a shock for my Virgo nature, but we obediently did so and oh my, the texture and complexity of the resultant dish was superb!

Imagine the riot in your mouth with the gooey creamy egg yolk, fluffy light egg white and slightly sweet mushy onion puree coating the baby squid which is crispy on the outside and chewy inside, plus the occasional burst of saltiness from the small bouncy bits of chirozo and slight hint of sourness from the vinaigrette. Wait, don’t imagine – go try it! Real amazement with every bite; my favourite dish of the night.

Monk fish with black pepper sauce and Spanish white beans ($25+)


R likes monk fish and this was his favourite dish. The fish was fresh and the meat firm and chewy. It was spiced up with black pepper sauce and accompanied with Spanish white beans, grilled onions and artichokes on the side. It didn’t throw up any surprises like the first 2 dishes but still very good nonetheless.

Mushroom Rice with Scallop and Idiazabal Cheese ($28+)


Again, another dish with lotsa texture and flavour. The rice was grainy in the creamy sauce and the idiazabal cheese gave it a further milky flavour which I like. There were mushrooms for sponginess and asparagus for crunch. It was topped off with a huge scallop which completed the dish with a seafoody flavour. If I had to pick on this dish, it would be that the rice was perhaps a teeny bit undercooked. But still a dish I wouldn’t mind re-ordering the next time.

We skipped desserts cos’ we had other plans, but I would love to return to try them.

Overall, a fantastic meal which I would highly recommend! There were so many more exciting dishes I would have loved to try – Pasta “a la plancha” with Prawns and Sake Butter, Calamari ” a la plancha”, Beef Tongue with Rostit sauce, Pork Ear with Burrata and Salmon Roe, Roasted Suckling Pig… …; and it seems new dishes are featured depending on seasonal ingredients. Definitely visit Bam!; but go with a bigger group so you can sample more dishes.

38 Tras Street
Open Mon to Sat: 6 pm – 12 mn