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Boston Seafood Shack

MissY had a sudden craving for lobster rolls. Most coincidentally, I read about the new Boston Seafood Shack at Great World City. With lotsa squealing (from MissY), we zipped down for lunch.

It is a casual space and thankfully, it wasn’t crowded when we got there around 12:15pm on a weekday.

We both went for the premium lobstah* roll ($18), the purpose of our trip. We psyched ourselves to set our expectations right given that the price tag is lower than their cousins at Pince & Pints or Market Grill.

IMG_0887.JPG The bread is toasted, hot, and crisp on the outside; but not fluffy and buttery enough on the inside.

There were generous chunks of meat but not as chunky and the sauce not as creamy as other rolls we have had (in fact, it had a slight Indian spice flavour to it).

The meat was more stringy at parts (which prompted MissY to comment that it was more like crab meat). And OMG, she was close! – upon googling, we found out that it was 50% lobster meat and 50% crayfish. Hmm, we felt a little “cheated” but for that price, I guess we were not very bright to expect 100% lobster. Is that why it is a “lobstah” and not a lobster? (*lightbulb moment!)

We also had the crab cakes ($9) to share. I found it slightly over-fried and a little too flour-y/bread-y. Didn’t like this too much.

IMG_0890.JPG Overall, an ok place for simple seafood lunch if you are in the area; just don’t be too fussy.

IMG_0881.JPG Great World City #03-31/32
Open (Mon-Sat) 11:30am – 10pm


Pince & Pints

It was the talk of town and of course, we had to try it!

B, S, R and I trooped down on a Tue evening and thought we would beat the crowd if we chiong-ed off from work at 6 sharp. How wrong we were! Whilst I get that a “no reservations” policy allows a restaurant to pack it full, it really does not make the customer experience a pleasant one. We had to hang around for 45 minutes for a table – I think the neighbouring shops will benefit from the extra traffic.

The food sure didn’t disappoint though! There were 4 of us so we had the lobster all 4 styles ($48 each).

Lobster roll

20140828-185024-67824510.jpg Oooh… the buttery roll, good enough to be eaten plain, but even better with the creamy, sweet lobster chunks. Though a roll somehow makes you feel less “oppulent” than eating a lobster whole (if you know what I mean), don’t let it hold you back; it’s yummy (and it IS the meat of one whole lobster!).

Live whole lobster – steam vs grilled

20140828-185427-68067430.jpg 20140828-185427-68067769.jpg Both were good cos’ the lobsters were so fresh – sweet, juicy and succulent. The steamed version just had a slight edge as grilling probably dried out the juice a little.

Chilli Lobster

20140828-201922-73162040.jpg The sauce is very similar to the chilli crab sauce you would get at popular seafood restaurants in Singapore – a perfect dip for the accompanying fried man tou and B even ordered an extra plain roll to wipe up the gravy. R the Brave conquered most of the lobster (the rest of us valued our light colored clothes more) and he gave it a chilli-stained thumbs up!

Overall, a superb place for fresh lobsters, beautifully prepared. Recommend! (But go early to avoid the Q).

20140828-202847-73727576.jpg 33 Duxton Road
Open Mon-Sat 5-11pm

Full of Crab

R and I were always tickled by the name of this place near our house. When R had cravings for crabs, we decided to try out the food.

The concept is similar to “Crab in da Bag” at Big Splash, where food is served in big plastic bags and you eat off the table, Flintstones’ style, with bibs and tools provided.

We started off with complimentary fish sticks appetizer, whilst deciding what to order.

20140728-124038-45638955.jpg We zoomed in on the Captain’s Choice (1kg Sri Lankan crabs and 500g shrimps), which comes with a choice of baby potatoes or corn ($94).

20140728-124526-45926749.jpg 20140728-124527-45927130.jpg There are 3 sauce choices – Cajun, Garlic Butter and Fully Loaded (combi of the first two). The choice is obvious for kiasu Singaporeans, and you can choose the spiciness level. I really liked the garlicky spiciness but the oil didn’t sit well in the tummy after a while.

The crabs were fresh and meat was sweet and succulent. The shrimps however were disappointing – they were not quite so plump and succulent, and were a little soft and mushy.

With the Maybank card, we also got a free portion of twiggy fries – thin, crispy potato sticks. I liked it a lot; it was such a huge portion, we had to grudgingly leave some behind.

20140728-125454-46494463.jpg My slight gripe about the place is space. The tables are small and with the drinks, sides plus mess of eating seafood, I would have preferred a bigger space to eat comfortably. Although the restaurant wasn’t full, the server wasn’t open to us combining tables.

Overall, an ok place for crabs. But space- and price-wise, I think “Crabs in da Bag” has a slight edge.

20140728-130006-46806682.jpg 195 East Coast Road
Open 4-10pm (Mon/Wed/Thu) / 4-10:30pm (Fri) / 11:30am-10:30pm (Sat/Sun)

Crab in da Bag

R and I were told about this (relatively) new seafood place at Big Splash where the seafood is poured on the table for diners to enjoy. “Oh, the mess!”, the Virgo in me thought; but “We should go!”, says the hubby. So off we went, for an early wedding anniversary celebration.

Crab in da Bag has a very casual and vibrant vibe and the servers were friendly and enthusiastic with their occassional bursts of “AHOY!”.

As we were first timers, the server gave us a good rundown of how things work and suggested complementary menu combis. The basic idea is to pick 1. the seafood, 2. the seasoning and spice level (mild/medium/hot), and 3. the add-ons of potato, corn or rice. There are also other appetizers, sides and a wide selection of drinks.

After ordering, we were equipped with our “tools” for the meal.


And started off with moscato in a plastic cup. I felt like I was at a picnic with aircon!


We chose the crinkled cauliflower ($8++) as our appetizer. They were slightly crunchy and the tops had a chargrilled flavour (kinda tasted like seaweed). Eat them fast as they get soggy when cold.


The seafood came served in plastic bags – possibly the kind used when you buy kois for the pond. At the table, the server would knot up and shake the bag, cut it open and serve directly.

Squid ($18++)


We chose this with the Ultimate Curry which is their signature curry mix with curry leaves and chilli padi, on medium spice. I really liked this! The curry had the right balance of spice, sweetness and sourness, a perfect blend with the flavours of the sea. The server recommended the rice or potato with the curry which we skipped (and regretted; the potato with the curry would have been super!).

Sri Lankan Crab ($50++)


For the crab, we had it with their house signature Caboodle Mix (local and Lousiana spices, garlic and butter) plus corn. The crab was huge and the meat firm and fresh, with lotsa roe – R was “high-cholesterolly” excited. The seasoning was flavourful with a strong garlicky flavour which I really like! Definitely try this.

Overall, a satisfying seafood meal. This was the aftermath:


We definitely need to find a few seafoody friends to go back to have their Caboodle Boil ($299++) which is a titanic pot of a mix of seafood (pre-order required), poured directly on the table for 5-6 people to share. You can check out the menu here:

Big Splash, East Coast Parkway
Open daily (except Mon) 4-11pm

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Happy 2014!

Just before 2013 came to an end, we visited an old favourite for R’s birthday.

We started with the Fine de Claire oysters ($5 each). They were really good! Extremely fresh, succulent and sweet. No fishy odour at all; there was no need to drown them in lemon juice and tobasco as I usually do for less-than-fresh oysters.


We also had the swordfish belly sashimi ($18.95). Also very fresh but I felt somewhat funny having sashimi in a non-Japanese place, but that’s just me.


To add something crunchy to the mix, I ordered the crab cake with wasabi aioli ($13.95). It was crunchy on the outside alright but waaay too mushy inside. It would have been nice to have morsels of crab meat within, for added taste and bite. I would probably skip this next time.


The NZ little neck clams in white wine garlic sauce ($18.95) came next. I think the clams may have been overcooked and they were a tad too tough and chewy. But the freshness made up for it and they were tasty with the clammy wine broth. We also dipped our bread into the broth and it was really yummy!


The star of the meal came last – the Boston lobster! It is Lobster Bash every Monday and the lobsters are at a promotional price of $39.95 each. You can choose the style you want it done; we had it steamed. This is the best lobster I have had! The meat was firm, juicy, succulent and sweet. It was perfectly matched with the accompanying sauce. I forgot to ask what sauce it was but Mr Google suggests that it is brown butter with lemon.


Overall, a very satisfying seafood meal. The next time we visit, we are each having 1 lobster. Can’t wait!


34 Greenwood Avenue
Open daily 12nn-1030pm