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Keisuke Tori King

This is a recent favourite for us. R likes it so much, he has asked more than once if they have a branch in the East. We decided to head there today to satisfy our craving before a long trip.

There are only 3 choices – original, black spicy and green spicy ramen; plus the special dan dan ramen if they haven’t run out for the day. The base broth is the same – chicken broth, and the ramen comes with a whole chicken thigh! You order using a simple order sheet. You can choose how you like your broth – with less/more oil, light/thick and the firmness of the noodles. You can also opt for special top-ups (seaweed, egg with the melty centre) at additional cost, and also opt out of standard toppers (spring onion, deep fried onion and black fungus).

Whilst waiting for our orders, I helped myself to the complimentary beansprouts and topped it with lots of mayo – the best way to eat it!


R was enjoying the free flow of hard boiled eggs.


We both had the Tori King ramen.


I chose the light broth but it was still thicker than in most places; if you prefer a blander taste, this may not be for you. I really like the noodles here; springy and not too soft. The chicken thigh was tender and the meat simply falls off the bones. Quite a satisfying meal!

Another thing I like at Keisuke Tori King is the green tea cola. I have not come across it anywhere esle. I am not sure how best to describe it except that the taste is similar to the China Apple sparkling drink. I am probably doing a bad job describing it – you just gotta try it!


Be warned though, if you are headed there at mealtimes. Long queues form quickly and they are quite strict about letting you in only when everyone in your dining party has arrived.



100AM #03-15
Open daily 1130am-10pm