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We had a family dinner at Haveli and ordered quite a bit of Indian food, although their menu also features fusion western dishes.

Amongst 6 persons, we had 6 garlic naans ($3 each), 1 white rice (also $3) and 5 dishes to share. It took a little shoving towards the end but we managed to finish most of the food. The garlic naans were so-so, not quite garlicky enough and I think we would get basmati rice next time for more fragrance.

Mushroom Tikka ($12)

20140418-104729.jpg I never had this anywhere before. It’s nice! Button mushrooms with a salty chargrilled taste. I would order this again.

Bhindi Masala ($15)

20140418-104857.jpg I liked the ladies fingers as well; slightly crunchy and spicy. But check out the amount of ginger! Actually, ginger featured plentifully in many of the dishes which can be a little overpowering, leaving all the dishes with a similar lingering taste.

Kadai Prawns ($18)

20140418-105325.jpg I actually don’t remember much of this dish. It’s either I didn’t get to it or it didn’t stand out either way. R says the prawns were fresh but the gravy was not as intense as other dishes. But see what I mean about the ginger!

Butter Chicken ($15)

20140418-105426.jpg I would have preferred this slightly spicier; it was a tad too sweet. Even this had ginger hidden in the gravy!

Aloo Mattar ($12)

20140418-105957.jpg The Yeos were very excited about ordering this potatoes & green peas mix, sautéed with onion, tomato, garlic and spices. It was not too bad except I am not a fan of green peas.

Oh yes, we also had the cucumber raita ($6). It was more dilute than others I have had and also more expensive. I may skip this next time.

Overall, an ok Indian place that we would go back only because it is a stone’s throw away. It would also be interesting to try their western food.

384 East Coast Road
Open Mon-Fri 4-11:45pm / Sat-Sun 11:45am-11:45pm