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On a roll now that I am back from my hiatus!

I don’t know how I missed that Tian Tian had closed its doors at Joo Chiat; my parents apparently have mentioned this several times.

In its place, is Merchants – a wine shop/bar/bistro, which we adjourned to after our grill dinner. And because A thought Awfully Chocolate at the end of the road was too far away to walk to.

We sat in the alfresco section; would have preferred the AC but it was cool enough outside.

I really like the vibe – chillax, not trying too hard and most importantly, not too noisy (we were probably the ones shrieking and cackling away; 5 girls, what to do?).

It isn’t one of those pish posh wine places where you feel obliged to know french words, swirl your glass and poke your nose in (I hope it wasn’t just us being oblivious to our surroundings!).

Lighting was warm, music was soft and not the thumping sort that drowns out half your conversations. I also like that the tables were a comfortable distance from each other so you are not forced to listen in on other people’s affairs but yet, it wasn’t deathly quiet and you just have a sense of tinkering glasses and light banter in the background.

They have a huge wine list; we got them to recommend and enjoyed our sweet and light Guetztraimer ($42+). We also shared a mixed platter of hams and cheeses ($38+) – the soft cheeses were smelly and yummy!

IMG_5572.JPG Overall, a relaxing place to hang out and gossip chit-chat over wine and small bites. Had a lovely night. Looking for cheese kakis to go back again!

443 Joo Chiat Road