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Souper Sarnies

Z and I had an impromptu lunch date. We sorta had somewhere in mind but ended up strolling past Souper Sarnies and giving it a shot cos’ Z thought the place “looks cute”.

We shared 2 sandwiches, and topped up to add a salad/soup for $3. The sandwiches are all freshly prepared upon your order so there may a slight wait.

We both had the mushroom soup which came piping hot, just the way I like my food. It is different from the usual creamy mushroom soup – it was lighter, earthy and slightly herby (which also translates to: a blander, less creamy mix).

20140918-223329-81209363.jpg Eggplosion – toasted sourdough with truffle oil egg mayo ($8.90) 20140918-223629-81389219.jpg Sorry for the bleah photo – I tried to separate the slices to feature the egg mayo but the gooey mixture wasn’t too co-operative. The truffle egg mayo was flavourful – pity that it was quite a stingy spread and you don’t taste much of it. Z actually lifted her bread at one point to check if she was missing something. I also found the bread too crisp for my liking and it was a little grating on the palette.

Chicken Avo – toasted panini with chicken mayo and avocado ($9.90)
20140918-224426-81866236.jpg Again, I found the bread overly toasted. There was more in this sandwich – lightly salted chicken chunks with mayo and avocado but I would definitely have preferred more avocado, much much more.

I somehow feel that this cafe has the potential to do better. It is a cool unpretentious little sandwich joint but I personally think they need to refine the bread toasting bit and be far more generous with their ingredients.

20140918-233246-84766377.jpg 20140918-233247-84767510.jpg 1 Tras Link #01-07 Orchid Hotel
Open 8:30am-9pm (except Sun)


Dutch Colony Coffee @ Frankel Ave

Dutch Colony Coffee opens in the East!

20140906-141220-51140345.jpg 20140906-141220-51140680.jpg They have single origins from Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Sumatra, Ethiopia and El Salvador. And you can choose from various hand brews or steampunk methods. Hee, I am actually copying all these from the menu; I left the “cheem” stuff to the coffee connoiseurs at the table and had my usual iced latte. 😉 The iced latte is damn good though – extremely smooth!

In short, good coffee, and a cool place to hang out. I bet the crowds will start swarming in – check it out soon!

20140906-141312-51192354.jpg 113 Frankel Ave
Open Mon-Thu 8am-8pm / Fri-Sun 8am-10pm

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!

A lazy morning and we got up only at 11am to head rush down for R’s business discussion at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

I’m not part of the discussion so decided to blog on-the-go.

As usual, here’s my milky coffee (iced latte, $6) vs his black coffee (long black, $5).

20140728-120651-43611806.jpg I had the shaved ham and brie cheese croissant with an egg in a pot ($15).

20140728-120941-43781872.jpg I thought it was so-so. The croissant was not warm and a little dense. The ham pieces were thick and generous and brie came through intermittently. The egg in a pot is just an half-boiled egg; nothing too fancy. I should have gone for the pies, dang.

R had the smoked salmon bruschetta ($15).

20140728-121313-43993402.jpg I liked the tomato mix – it hit the right note; good mix-in of onion and not too sour. But I found the smoked salmon a teeny fishy (but that could be just the non-fish-person in me speaking) – and as R’s goddaughter rightly pointed out – “but salmon is a fish mah”. R polished all 4 pieces and thought it was ok.

Overall, I really like the buzz and vibe of Craftsmen – may pass on the food next time and just chill out with some coffee and snacks.

20140728-121756-44276425.jpg #01-01 Siglap V
Open 8:30-8pm (Thu-Sat) / 8:30am-9:30pm (Fri-Sun)

Humble Loaf

I finally made it to Humble Loaf after 3 previous failed attempts* and I absolutely love the place!

It is a tiny cafe, and most out of place in a building best (or maybe, only) known for their photocopier shops and maid agencies.

The menu changes periodically and is artistically pencilled on their chalkboard. The breads used are all freshly baked in-house.

20140314-173059.jpg They also have weekend specials, which I now receive updates on after following them both on Facebook and Instagram. To be frank, I wasn’t particularly excited to check them out that weekend as they were featuring tomato tartare and I am not a big fan of sour stuff. As with all things in life, R and I somehow ended up there and of course, ended up ordering the tomato tartare – yuzu kosho, bean salad and marmite glaze – served on crouton discs.

20140314-173507.jpg It was a good mixture, texture wise – the crisp croutons with the mushy tomato and the green crunchy stuff on top (which I found out was the “yuzu kosho”, or yuzu citrus peel and green chillies). The tartness of the tomatoes was also mellowed by green chillies and marmite glaze. An interesting dish and you could almost “taste” the thought put into this dish.

I love brie and it was hard for me not to order the caramelized French brie tartine. The cheese coupled with the sweet burnt muscavdo cheese was yummy. But I did regret not choosing something more “exciting”.

20140314-173605.jpg But I had my “excitement” when the Sea-ly eggs (eggs with smoked salmon and marinated seaweed) arrived. It was a dish of colourful goodness and complexity – the creaminess of the egg + the saltiness of the stringy seaweed + the rawness of the soft salmon + the clean taste of the crisp little spring onion bits. Must try!

20140314-173708.jpg I am no coffee connoisseur; the coffee tasted just fine. Here’s my flat white and his short black; quite reflective of our (sometimes) divergent taste in food.

20140314-174134.jpg I really hope Humble Loaf expands (in the East). More people should get to enjoy their extremely imaginative, thoughtful and tasty creations. Highly recommended!

20140314-174439.jpg 20140314-175306.jpg Katong Shopping Centre, #B1-92
See above for opening times
(be sure to check their Facebook page before going as they may close on an ad-hoc basis or sell out for the day*)

My Awesome Cafe

After spending much of Dec and Jan travelling, I am slowly easing myself back to the local food scene.

L (who is my walking-guide-to-the-latest-eateries-in-town) suggested that we check out the 3-day-old My Awesome Café for lunch. I thought the name was really corny but it would be an AWESOME post to re-start the blog with (talk about corniness, hurhur)!

It is another one of those cafes going for the industrial look but I guess people are still into it. The décor is cool enough, with red pipes as legs for the tables/chairs and an Ultraman toy on the tables to match.

The menu is not extensive. It features mainly 2-4 choices each for their quiches, sandwiches and salads. I think they would have to expand their menu to capture the CBD lunch crowd.

Both L and I had the ¼ quiche set which comes with ¼ portion of your choice of quiche, salad and a coffee/soft drink ($12++). I wasn’t terribly impressed. The quiche was not served warm and the crust was hard. The herb chicken quiche was bland and the chicken bits were quite dry and tough; on the other hand, the ham quiche was salty.

The accompanying salad was just a few pieces of greens carelessly thrown together. Whilst I get that the salad is just a “by-the-way” thing, I do appreciate the thought and effort when cafes toss the salad with extras – it can be something simple like cherry tomatoes or onions, or something more spiffy like orange or peach slices, but it was not the case here.

I liked the flat white – not too acidic and was milky enough for me. The coffee art was not consistent though. Whilst the heart flower in my cup was really pretty; L’s cup came with an indiscernible blob and he had to borrow my cup for his instagram post. Not a biggie; could be teething issues.


Overall, it seems a cool place to hang out for coffee but for now, I would not travel there specially for the food. It may get better when they expand the menu. If you do check it out, you may want to try their salads instead – they look pretty good from the photos.



202 Telok Ayer St
Check their facebook page for opening hours (not fully up yet, as at 11 Feb 2014)

Kiasu Expresso

I had an hour in between appointments and hopped into Kiasu Expresso at 100AM.

Their signage is really cute and that was what drew me in!


I only had a flat white so am leaving you with photos of the cafe.


100AM Level 1
Open Mon-Sat 7am-7pm