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May May

Should have blogged earlier and opened with “MAY the HUAT be with you”, but anyhow, still HUAT ya?

MissY is always game to try new places so we headed to May May, one of the new(er) kids on Tras Street, for our post-CNY-break lunch.

They serve rice bowls ($12-$18) for lunch; as everything sounded quite yummy, we asked for recommendations. The server was very enthusiastic, friendly and prompt so we cut her some slack when she recommended “beef rending (if you eat beef), braised pork belly (also good), grilled miso aubergine (if you are vegetarian), butter poached cod (popular) or red chilli chicken” which is actually everything on the menu (but I guess the order counts). You can add $3 to upgrade to a combo with salad and drink (soft drink or any tea/coffee). For health-conscious peeps, there is an option of quinoa (+$2) for selected bowls.

After considering our food restrictions/preferences, we decided to share the red chilli chicken and braised pork belly rice bowls.

IMG_3580.JPG The bowls all come with a whole industry of sides. I generally like variety in taste/textures in my food but I did feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty and interesting but you can’t quite get everything in one mouthful and I’m not sure I could say that all the flavours came together nicely! I ended up eating it sushi-style – a dollop of rice, with small chunk of meat and whatever little sprout, root or fungus I could balance.

Braised Pork Belly
IMG_3577.JPG Ooooooh…. the pork was soooo gooood but oh, so sinful. It was fatty and oily and the meat soft and tender. I can almost sense it wobbling in this photo. Thank goodness we shared and even then, I tried not to eat up my half to save my heart. But life is short, try it!

Red Chilli Chicken
IMG_3578.JPG The chicken came hot – skin crispy and meat nicely flavoured and tender. Eat it up fast as they aren’t so yummy when cold (and slightly soggy). Don’t be too frightened by its name – it wasn’t quite fiery.

Overall, a place to head to for a filling and satisfying rice bowl.
IMG_3574.JPG 65 Tras St
Open Mon-Sat 11am-11pm


Keisuke Gyoza King

I had an impromptu dinner date with L and with S’ recommendation in mind, we headed to Gyoza King.

We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of a queue when we arrived. The restaurant is a tight space with only 16 counter seats and we hear that the queues can get quite long.

It is a great value-for-money meal! For $13.80++, you get rice, soup (vegetable/miso), 5 gyozas (pork/chicken/prawn) and 2 side dishes (from a choice of 8). In line with the Keisuke name, you order by ticking your choices on a chit; very efficient.

Whilst waiting for your orders, you can help yourself to the pickled cabbage and marinated beansprouts. (For protein buffs, sorry, no free flow eggs here). We were also kept entertained by the cute Japanese manager who was trying her best (with her limited English vocab) to teach us to mix our own gyoza sauce – soy sauce, vinegar and chilli oil in the ratio 3:2:1. Chilli-crazy L obviously inverted the ratio.

20140422-120027.jpg L and I shared our meals so we could try more stuff. We had the pork and prawn gyozas – served hot; slightly crispy skin with juicy meats within – thumbs up. For sides, we chose (i) deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and mixed sesame, (ii) chicken nanban with tartar sauce, (iii) stir fried egg with chinese chives and (iv) deep fried tofu with minced pork gravy. Frankly, these are not very complex dishes and it’s probably something you can whip up at home; but it is great to have someone do it for you and have the variety for an eat-out dinner at an affordable price.

20140422-120121.jpg Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Street #01-15
Open 11:30am-2:30pm/6-10:30pm


We had a family dinner at Haveli and ordered quite a bit of Indian food, although their menu also features fusion western dishes.

Amongst 6 persons, we had 6 garlic naans ($3 each), 1 white rice (also $3) and 5 dishes to share. It took a little shoving towards the end but we managed to finish most of the food. The garlic naans were so-so, not quite garlicky enough and I think we would get basmati rice next time for more fragrance.

Mushroom Tikka ($12)

20140418-104729.jpg I never had this anywhere before. It’s nice! Button mushrooms with a salty chargrilled taste. I would order this again.

Bhindi Masala ($15)

20140418-104857.jpg I liked the ladies fingers as well; slightly crunchy and spicy. But check out the amount of ginger! Actually, ginger featured plentifully in many of the dishes which can be a little overpowering, leaving all the dishes with a similar lingering taste.

Kadai Prawns ($18)

20140418-105325.jpg I actually don’t remember much of this dish. It’s either I didn’t get to it or it didn’t stand out either way. R says the prawns were fresh but the gravy was not as intense as other dishes. But see what I mean about the ginger!

Butter Chicken ($15)

20140418-105426.jpg I would have preferred this slightly spicier; it was a tad too sweet. Even this had ginger hidden in the gravy!

Aloo Mattar ($12)

20140418-105957.jpg The Yeos were very excited about ordering this potatoes & green peas mix, sautéed with onion, tomato, garlic and spices. It was not too bad except I am not a fan of green peas.

Oh yes, we also had the cucumber raita ($6). It was more dilute than others I have had and also more expensive. I may skip this next time.

Overall, an ok Indian place that we would go back only because it is a stone’s throw away. It would also be interesting to try their western food.

384 East Coast Road
Open Mon-Fri 4-11:45pm / Sat-Sun 11:45am-11:45pm


S suggested Longtail, a new restaurant near our offices serving SE Asia street food, for our birthday treat for MissY (she would just be “Y” but she requested insisted on this longer reference. ;))

They have a 3-course weekday set lunch ($25++) menu which changes weekly. Check their website before going.

Appetizer was vermicelli salad with dried shrimp. It was super sour! I couldn’t quite enjoy this though S and MissY finished theirs.

20140401-091831.jpg I moved on quickly to our additional side order of Green Curry Chicken Bao (2pcs, $7++). I expected the curry to ooze out when you bite into it (somewhat like custard buns) but thankfully, it was less messy. The curry was dry-ish and there was just enough of it to flavour the bun. It is quite an interesting bao; I think local breakfast places should consider adding this to their menu of lian rong and char siew baos.

20140401-092639.jpg The main course was a choice between Rice & Beef Curry and Vietnamese Cai Cahn (rice noodle soup with minced chicken and pork sausage). I am really glad MissY liked the Cai Cahn enough not to order the a-la-carte Laotian noodles, which she insisted on referring to as “老天” noodles. I think we may have left her at the restaurant if she did.

The Cai Cahn was like kway teow teng; comforting warm food but nothing spectacular. (Photo below courtesy of MissY.)

20140401-112829.jpg I had the Rice & Beef Curry. We were quite tickled by the huge portion of rice next to the tiny tingkat tray of curry. The thin slices of beef were abit tough; you would order this dish for the curry and not the meat. The curry was sweetish; that coupled with the copious amount of turnip, reminded me of lontong.

20140401-222502.jpg Dessert was pandan cake, with frosting on top. We all had to turn the pandan cake on its side, or in S’ words “make it lie down”, to avoid the frosting which was waaaaaay too sweet.

20140401-222648.jpg Overall, Longtail has a nice ambience (dang, I forgot to take a photo of the place) to chill out for Asian fare, but the food is nothing to shout about.

#01-03, Customs House (70 Collyer Quay)
Open Mon-Fri: 11:30am-11pm; Sat: 4-11pm