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S & B wanted to gather troops to visit Mojoburps (so we could divide out the unhealthy calories, I guess). I was sold the moment I heard spam fries on the menu. So one hazy evening, 5 of us visited this corner coffeeshop and ordered almost all the fried stuff (each between $5-$8):

Onion rings

20140314-171712.jpg I liked this best. Not like the BK ones; these had sweet onion mash inside and were crisp on the outside.

Chicken wings

20140314-172010.jpg These felt extremely sinful (but good). Crispy and juicy with oily goodness.

Sweet potato fries

20140314-172143.jpg This didn’t quite work for me. They were sweet but very dense. I couldn’t stomach more than a couple.

Spam fries

20140314-172236.jpg I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting thinly sliced and uber crispy spam. However, these were a different sort – they were french-fries-size and lightly battered on the outside. But I like luncheon meat in any form so all was good!

On top of sharing the fried stuff, most of us each had a burger. They had chicken/pork/lamb/beef ($7-11) burgers and you could add on cheese/mushroom sauce/black pepper sauce/bacon for a small top up. Majority of us had the lamb burger, with an add-on of cheese. I liked it that the patty was slightly pinkish in the middle and hence very juicy. The burger came with little hash browns (tater tots); I think they have potential but mine tasted a little raw on the inside that night.

20140314-172339.jpg For drinks selection, they have a huge selection of craft beers and ciders. I was dizzied by the choices in front of me and ended up with just a coca cola. I definitely need to go back to make up for my poor choice.

It is a great (especially on non-hazy days) and affordable place to chill out with good burgers, beers and spam! Glad it is in the neighbourhood.

20140314-172527.jpg 364 Tanjong Katong Road
Open Tue-Fri 5pm-midnight and Sat/Sun 1pm-midnight‎