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S suggested Longtail, a new restaurant near our offices serving SE Asia street food, for our birthday treat for MissY (she would just be “Y” but she requested insisted on this longer reference. ;))

They have a 3-course weekday set lunch ($25++) menu which changes weekly. Check their website before going.

Appetizer was vermicelli salad with dried shrimp. It was super sour! I couldn’t quite enjoy this though S and MissY finished theirs.

20140401-091831.jpg I moved on quickly to our additional side order of Green Curry Chicken Bao (2pcs, $7++). I expected the curry to ooze out when you bite into it (somewhat like custard buns) but thankfully, it was less messy. The curry was dry-ish and there was just enough of it to flavour the bun. It is quite an interesting bao; I think local breakfast places should consider adding this to their menu of lian rong and char siew baos.

20140401-092639.jpg The main course was a choice between Rice & Beef Curry and Vietnamese Cai Cahn (rice noodle soup with minced chicken and pork sausage). I am really glad MissY liked the Cai Cahn enough not to order the a-la-carte Laotian noodles, which she insisted on referring to as “老天” noodles. I think we may have left her at the restaurant if she did.

The Cai Cahn was like kway teow teng; comforting warm food but nothing spectacular. (Photo below courtesy of MissY.)

20140401-112829.jpg I had the Rice & Beef Curry. We were quite tickled by the huge portion of rice next to the tiny tingkat tray of curry. The thin slices of beef were abit tough; you would order this dish for the curry and not the meat. The curry was sweetish; that coupled with the copious amount of turnip, reminded me of lontong.

20140401-222502.jpg Dessert was pandan cake, with frosting on top. We all had to turn the pandan cake on its side, or in S’ words “make it lie down”, to avoid the frosting which was waaaaaay too sweet.

20140401-222648.jpg Overall, Longtail has a nice ambience (dang, I forgot to take a photo of the place) to chill out for Asian fare, but the food is nothing to shout about.

#01-03, Customs House (70 Collyer Quay)
Open Mon-Fri: 11:30am-11pm; Sat: 4-11pm