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Entre nous

Another recommendation by L… a French creperie… a melodious name like Entre-nous (but not like I knew how to pronounce it exactly)… and I was envisioning a giggly girly lunch with MissY and S over crepes and tea in a lavish and extravagant French boudoir setting. But I came crashing (albeit gently) down to earth when we arrived at this little simple space along Seah Street.

20140430-181226.jpg For first timers, the menu was quite hard to navigate as it is not one of those things where you instinctively know what you want (and the squiggly font didn’t help – maybe it is a sign of age). After some squinting and spying on other diners, we made our choices.

Gavrinis ($20.80) – avocado mashed with garlic and cream, roasted chicken

20140430-181335.jpg Cheese and avocado rank high on my list of loves, so it was a toss-up between the 2 ie. Gavrinis or La ouessant (see below). I chose this cos’ it sounded more unique and didn’t regret it one bit (or bite, hurhur)! The creamy garlicky avocado mash went well with the crispy crepe and the roasted chicken bits broke the monotony and gave more textural bite.

La ouessant ($21.10) egg, ham, emmental cheese and mushrooms with cream sauce

20140430-181520.jpg This was MissY’s crepe; she had her eggs scrambled instead of sunny side up. Pity – it would have been a cuter photo with the sunny side up peeking out. They sure didn’t stinge on the emmental cheese and it was cheesy. But overall, with the ham, the dish was too salty for me.

Stephan’s favourite ($20.20) – roasted chicken, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onions

20140430-181713.jpg Some of the dishes on the menu go by first names and we were guessing that they are names of the family of the owners, sharing their favourites. MissY had the brilliant idea of yelling out all the names to suss them out and had a giggling fit whilst I was more concerned with potential chaos as some fellas has more than one favourite and different dishes have the same name!

Back to this dish – the bite of the mustard with the sweet caramelized onions made this dish interesting. But the flavours didn’t all quite come together; I think I’m not with Stephan on this and would still pick the Gavrinis on my next visit.

Geraldine’s favourite ($14.90) – salted butter caramel, cooked apple and vanilla ice cream

20140430-181811.jpg Definitely a great dessert choice! Both MissY and I were initially wary of the thick goo coating the crepe fearing that it would be sickeningly sweet. But it wasn’t! It was more salty than sweet on the first bite and then the caramel-y sweetness came through later. The cooked apples in the folds provided further warmth and tartness and the ice cream gave it a icy cold and sweet contrast. I would recommend this!

Overall, a great place for crepes – huge variety, innovative ideas and some gems on the menu; but be warned that the prices are a little higher than other crepe places.

27 Seah Street
Open Tue-Fri 12nn-3pm/6-10pm, Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-6pm



I have a backlog of posts but I am skipping ahead with excitement to write about the fabulous food at Sprigs!

My ex-colleagues, (and N) and I have a fixed date every month to indulge in what we call a “Spiffy Lunch”. The term was never defined but it is our once-a-month splurge on a fancy meal at a new-ish restaurant where budget is not discussed. When our original choice was fully booked, we looked to Sprigs, a new restaurant at Purvis Street which most of us in the group haven’t even heard of.

S and N separately questioned jokingly if Sprigs fell within the parameters of a “Spiffy Lunch” given its reasonable pricing. But we (and I’m sure we speak for our wallets) concluded that price is not the determinant and I would say that the food at Sprigs surpassed some at fancier places. Service was also very prompt and the food was served quickly. The server was attentive and constantly topped up our water, which was flavoured with cucumber and (I think) mint (a thoughtful touch in itself).

For starters, I had pan-seared foie gras ($9.90) which was superb. It was a huge piece for the price. If I had to pick on something, it was just slightly over-seared at some bits.

20140414-181051.jpg L had the pumpkin carrot soup ($5.90) which was served with a wooden spoon and he insisted that the spoon should feature in the photo. Definitely a photogenic dish which was sweet and creamy.

20140414-181157.jpg N had the duck confit salad ($6.90) which he described as “nice, crunchy and not too salty”.

20140414-181301.jpg We also shared the truffle nori fries ($6.90) which wasn’t great compared to the other appetizers. I couldn’t really taste the truffle (although K did) and only tasted the seaweed from the fries which caught the seasoning. There were mixed reviews around the table but we think there were cheese flakes.

20140414-181354.jpg The mains was a no-brainer for me and I zoomed straight in for the beef oxtail stew ($16.90). A lot of time must have gone into the stew – the meat was super tender and the tendons reduced to gelatinous goodness. The base was not a thickened gravy more common with stews; but a more liquidy texture full of flavour from the meat juices. I would highly recommend this dish.

20140414-181454.jpg N and K both had the Confit Scandinavian Salmon ($16.90) served with cous cous and grilled zuchinni. The colours are very Scandi indeed. For those who do not or cannot take raw food, do note that this comes undercooked. The staff was very accommodating in re-cooking it well done for a very pregnant K though; no fuss at all.

20140414-181542.jpg S and L had the Thyme Roasted Boneless Chicken Thigh ($14.90) which smelt really fragrant and which I am sure tasted great cos’ both of them wiped their plates clean.

20140414-181644.jpg After our mains, N told the server that we will have 1 each of their desserts (there were 3 on their menu – $12 each) to share. We kept our fingers crossed that they didn’t have another 8 off-menu desserts and thankfully, only 3 came.

The chocolate slice and the crispy chocolate and caramel crumble tasted like variants of each other. Both with chocolate mousse with crunchy bits and some strawberries; except that the chocolate cake had an accompanying raspberry sorbet to add some tartiness.

20140414-181741.jpg20140414-181750.jpg The mango & passionfruit panna cotta was the only disappointment of the meal. It came with a coconut/almond-tasting biscuit base and the centre block of panna cotta was too dense. I ended up picking the aloe vera and mango bits on the top.

20140414-181852.jpg Overall, a great experience at reasonable prices and I will be back for sure! As N said, it would be a convenient place to dine before watching a show at the nearby drama centre – great idea!

20140414-181957.jpg 12 Purvis Street
Open 12-230pm, 6-10pm