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Hide Yamamoto

My uni friend suggested lunch at Hide Yamamoto at MBS. I thought it would be a hugely exorbitant affair but their weekday set lunch menus are really good value for money. There were various sets available (Teppan, Sushi, Robata). We chose the “Lunch of Your Choice” which is a 3-course lunch with a few choices for each course plus the dessert of the day ($38++).

I had “Three Kinds of Appetizers” for the first course – marinated sliced bamboo, green shoots and seaweed. It was a nice mix of colour and variation from sweet crunch to lightly flavoured fibrous to salty squish.


The second course was salmon and tuna sashimi and lightly seared swordfish. It was quite a generous serving for a set lunch. The sashimi was really fresh (check out the vibrant colors! #nofilter) and the seared sashimi added good variety.


Next up, I chose the mini salmon don with ikura. It was a small bowl but quite sufficient given the other courses. Once again, thumbs up for freshness.


Dessert was blood orange and kiwi sorbet served on a bed of crushed cornflakes. I like the added crunch and the unique choices (rather than the usual matcha or chocolate) but they were a tad too sour for me (though my friends always tell me that I have a rather low threshold for sourness). I think most people would like it.


I would definitely recommended Hide Yamamoto for their set lunch. It would be an impressive place to bring a client or treat a special friend!

MBS, Casino Side, #02-05
Open daily 12pm – 3pm | 6pm – 11pm