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Parsley & Thyme

R whisked me to the Kampong Bahru area last Friday in search of inspiration for a new blog entry. We went by Strangers Reunion which was crazy crowded, and then Waffle Slayer but waffles for dinner just seemed weird to me. Then we came to this small space with bold red walls, Parsley and Thyme. I was sold the moment I saw French Onion Soup topped with melted cheese on the menu.

20140505-110912.jpg I chose the set dinner ($38.50++) and R had the Prawn Aglio Olio ($22++).

French Onion Soup

20140505-111031.jpg Rich beef broth with chunks of caramelized onions, topped with a toasted crostini and melted cheese. It was very flavourful but slightly too salty.

Beef Cheek

20140505-111123.jpg True to the description in the menu, this was indeed “meltingly tender”. The mash potatoes and grilled vegetables were well done too. Thumbs up.

Prawn Aglio Olio

20140505-111206.jpg They ran out of linguine and R had to make do with penne. It was very garlicky and R really enjoyed it, though I think some chilli flakes would have given it a perfect score. I assume the tiger prawns were fresh and crunchy since R finished all 6 of them by himself, without offering me any (hmpf!).

Nutella Chocolate Mousse

20140505-111247.jpg Nothing too fancy – chocolate mousse served with crushed hazelnut praline (which was pretty tough-going on the teeth) and toasted hazelnuts.

It must be hard being in F&B these days. The food was good (definitely a few notches above average) but I don’t quite see us returning often. The dishes are not unique enough to draw us back and if we were to venture out, there are just too many new eateries jostling for attention.

61 Kampong Bahru Road
Open Mon-Fri 12-2:30pm, 6-10pm / Sat 6-10pm