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Full of Crab

R and I were always tickled by the name of this place near our house. When R had cravings for crabs, we decided to try out the food.

The concept is similar to “Crab in da Bag” at Big Splash, where food is served in big plastic bags and you eat off the table, Flintstones’ style, with bibs and tools provided.

We started off with complimentary fish sticks appetizer, whilst deciding what to order.

20140728-124038-45638955.jpg We zoomed in on the Captain’s Choice (1kg Sri Lankan crabs and 500g shrimps), which comes with a choice of baby potatoes or corn ($94).

20140728-124526-45926749.jpg 20140728-124527-45927130.jpg There are 3 sauce choices – Cajun, Garlic Butter and Fully Loaded (combi of the first two). The choice is obvious for kiasu Singaporeans, and you can choose the spiciness level. I really liked the garlicky spiciness but the oil didn’t sit well in the tummy after a while.

The crabs were fresh and meat was sweet and succulent. The shrimps however were disappointing – they were not quite so plump and succulent, and were a little soft and mushy.

With the Maybank card, we also got a free portion of twiggy fries – thin, crispy potato sticks. I liked it a lot; it was such a huge portion, we had to grudgingly leave some behind.

20140728-125454-46494463.jpg My slight gripe about the place is space. The tables are small and with the drinks, sides plus mess of eating seafood, I would have preferred a bigger space to eat comfortably. Although the restaurant wasn’t full, the server wasn’t open to us combining tables.

Overall, an ok place for crabs. But space- and price-wise, I think “Crabs in da Bag” has a slight edge.

20140728-130006-46806682.jpg 195 East Coast Road
Open 4-10pm (Mon/Wed/Thu) / 4-10:30pm (Fri) / 11:30am-10:30pm (Sat/Sun)



We had a family dinner at Haveli and ordered quite a bit of Indian food, although their menu also features fusion western dishes.

Amongst 6 persons, we had 6 garlic naans ($3 each), 1 white rice (also $3) and 5 dishes to share. It took a little shoving towards the end but we managed to finish most of the food. The garlic naans were so-so, not quite garlicky enough and I think we would get basmati rice next time for more fragrance.

Mushroom Tikka ($12)

20140418-104729.jpg I never had this anywhere before. It’s nice! Button mushrooms with a salty chargrilled taste. I would order this again.

Bhindi Masala ($15)

20140418-104857.jpg I liked the ladies fingers as well; slightly crunchy and spicy. But check out the amount of ginger! Actually, ginger featured plentifully in many of the dishes which can be a little overpowering, leaving all the dishes with a similar lingering taste.

Kadai Prawns ($18)

20140418-105325.jpg I actually don’t remember much of this dish. It’s either I didn’t get to it or it didn’t stand out either way. R says the prawns were fresh but the gravy was not as intense as other dishes. But see what I mean about the ginger!

Butter Chicken ($15)

20140418-105426.jpg I would have preferred this slightly spicier; it was a tad too sweet. Even this had ginger hidden in the gravy!

Aloo Mattar ($12)

20140418-105957.jpg The Yeos were very excited about ordering this potatoes & green peas mix, sautéed with onion, tomato, garlic and spices. It was not too bad except I am not a fan of green peas.

Oh yes, we also had the cucumber raita ($6). It was more dilute than others I have had and also more expensive. I may skip this next time.

Overall, an ok Indian place that we would go back only because it is a stone’s throw away. It would also be interesting to try their western food.

384 East Coast Road
Open Mon-Fri 4-11:45pm / Sat-Sun 11:45am-11:45pm

Tomi Sushi

I believe Tomi Sushi has been around for a while, but somehow R and I never came across it until it moved into Katong V. We have tried it a couple of times and it now ranks as one of our favourite Jap restaurants in the East.

Always ask for their “Specials” menu as it features their seasonal items and promotions. We picked the ankimo (fish liver) appetizer ($15++) and it was one of the best I have tasted. The fish liver was firm but crumbled into a creamy mash when I bit into it and the taste of the sea exploded from within. As with most liver/pate dishes, it can get heavy going but the tartness of the vinegar sauce was a good balancer.

20140307-102654.jpg The asari sakamushi (steamed clams in sake) ($10++) was also very good. It was served in a small claypot on an open flame. The clams were a little bland (perhaps having lost their flavour to the base) but you can dip them into the sauce for the ankimo. The broth was the essence; it was briny and sweet with the clammy flavour, and enhanced by the hint of sake. Such comfort food.

20140307-102941.jpg The sashimi and sushi were uber fresh. We had the salmon belly sashimi ($18++) and swordfish sashimi ($16++); as well as the Tori Sushi ($49++) which comprise a good mix of sushi, including uni, maguro chutoro and tamago (with rice on the inside). Tomi is particular about the soy sauce pairing and have separate ones for sashimi and sushi.

20140307-103217.jpg 20140307-103231.jpg R was impressed that this is the only Jap restaurant where he had seen me voluntarily requesting for grilled fish. Their kanpachi kabuto shioyaki ($30++) was really gooooood! It is a super huge amber jack fish head. It was absolutely fresh; no fishiness at all. Must order!

20140307-103437.jpg From our earlier experiences, I told R not to order any tempura dishes. Somehow these don’t shine. I didn’t take photos from my previous visits but I recall that they were oily and a little soggy.

It is not one of the cheaper Jap places but definitely worth it for the quality. To give our wallets a breather, we may try their set lunch the next time. I would recommend it as a place to go when you wanna treat yourself (and your loved ones) to a superb Japanese meal.

Katong V, Level 2
Open 11:30am-2:30pm I 5:30-10pm
(Other outlet at Novena Square (Velocity))


K and I checked out the newly opened BERGS along East Coast Road. It is their fourth branch in Singapore and are known for their “gourmet burgers”.

The small standee on the table featured The BFB which has the full works – 2 Beef Patties, Streaky Bacon, Pineapple, Beetroot, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Edam Cheese, Aioli & Bergs Sauce. It looked really tall and intimidating and we decided to share The Alamack and The Berg with Cheese instead.

The burgers come in 2 sizes – BERGS size (5’) and Small (4”). And you can top up for fries and an ice lemon tea or lemonade.


The Alamack
(Lightly Crumbed Fish, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Dill Tartare & Aioli)

I am usually wary of fish burgers especially if the fish fillet has a thick batter; you end up tasting mostly batter and oil. But The Alamack was none of that! It was very lightly crumbed and the fish kept its juices without being oily at all. The dill tartare gave it a unique herby flavour and sets it apart from other fish burgers.


The Berg with Cheese
(Prime Beef Pattie, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli & Bergs Sauce and your choice of Swiss, Brie or Edam cheese)

On recommendation of the server, we chose the Edam cheese. But quite frankly, I hardly tasted the cheese. The Bergs sauce (which tasted quite like BBQ sauce) was overly sweet and overpowering for me and I had to scrap off some of it. The beef patty was also on the dry side. I wasn’t too impressed with this burger.



I would return for The Alamack. The menu also features interesting burgers like The Marrakech (Spiced Lamb Pattie, Mint Yoghurt, Beetroot, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, & Aioli) and Good Falla (Falafel, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli & Lemon Yoghurt) which I am keen to try. Good thing BERGS is just in the neighbourhood. 


45 East Coast Road