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I heard good things about Concetto, so when both S and I were “abandoned” by our hubbies for dinner, I dragged her, and subsequently L, to check it out.

It was really crowded for a Tuesday night; thank goodness they have 90 seats over 2 levels. The set-up is industrial-chic, with cement floors and long stone benches, and to add some quirkiness, there is a herb garden in the midst.

20140423-173712.jpg Their menu is divided into Earth (appetizers), Land (vegetables and meat), Seas (fish and shellfish) and Light (desserts).

We shared 2 appetizers – S said one looks better than it taste and the other taste better than it looks (can you figure which is which?).

Grilled Octopus ($10.90++)

20140423-173203.jpg Cold and rather bland, unless you pick a piece which caught the sea salt. Better if you eat the octopus together with the fennel salad and anchovy sauce.

Buffalo mozzarella ($8.90++)

20140423-173307.jpg Couldn’t quite tell that the buffalo mozzarella was supposed to be the star; it was more like a tomato bruschetta. I didn’t like that the bread was soaked through and soggy with the balsamic vinegar. The various bits also kept falling off the bread and the various tastes didn’t come together.

For the mains, presenting S’ “mee pok tah”, L’s “chee cheong fun” and my “porridge”! :-

Prawn Aglio (with tiger prawn and sakura ebi) ($10.90++)

20140423-173417.jpg Flavourful but super super spicy!

Pumpkin Fattottini ($7.90++)

20140423-173522.jpg This, to me, was the stand-out of the evening – innovative and unique. It was a huge stuffed pasta with pumpkin marmalade and brown butter filling. As you bite into it, the warm, sweet and buttery mixture bursts into your mouth. I will recommend trying this unless you are adverse to butter and/or pumpkin.

Crab Risotto ($12.90++)

20140423-173620.jpg The risotto was quite gooey, and I appreciate the thought to break the monotony with tiny bits of capsicum, crispy rice crackers, small pieces of baby kalian (disguising as cabbage) and crab meat. I enjoyed it but creaminess can get a bit “jelat” towards the end though. On hindsight, maybe we should have pooled our mains together to share out the richness.

Overall, a place with some interesting dishes. Worth a try!

The Cathay #01-11
Open 12nn-9:30pm