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Early birds get the worm (or the good deal in this case). At Shinzo, diners can enjoy their Omakase dinner set at $68 (instead of the usual price of $150) if you dine between 6-7:30pm.

B&S + R and I decided to check it out on a Sat just in case it was too rushed to finish our meal by 7:30pm on a weekday (although S bailed out cos’ she was ill).

First up, salad. It was tossed with crab meat and enoki mushrooms but it was nothing very fancy.

20140609-175202.jpg Next was 2 slices of smoked duck. There was a hint of orange zest which made it slightly interesting but it was also nothing too fancy.

20140609-175246.jpg The highlight of any Japanese meal – the uber-fresh sashimi was delicately served on an emerald plate.

20140609-175334.jpg I was a little concerned when I realized that the main dish was grilled salmon (and regretted not telling the chef that this is something I do not eat). But I gave it a shot as it was not the usual pale pink salmon and the meat was whitish. I am not sure if it was the variety of fish or the skill of the chef, but it was not fishy at all and I actually finished it and thought it was quite alright.

20140609-175447.jpg The fried chicken was a disappointment. The batter was too thick and bready and the chicken was too oily. I couldn’t finish it and neither of the boys wanted my extra piece, which says quite a lot.

20140609-175604.jpg The next dish was interesting – turnip in thick miso broth with white fish atop. The sweet turnip contrasted well with the salty miso. I am guessing that the fish was there to add texture but it was a tad too dry.

20140609-175646.jpg The sushi platter was next and I really enjoyed the toro sushi and the aburi sushi with mentaiko (I forgot to take note of what fish it was).

20140609-175731.jpg The chefs needed an extra reminder that R is lactose intolerant but they did swap out the California rolls for negi salmon rolls and also left out the mentaiko.

20140609-175829.jpg R was not feeling well and commented that he was waaaay stuffed at this point and it was quite sweet of the server to pop up behind us to say that there was only a small serving of noodles to go. This was served in a light broth and was quite a cleansing dish.

20140609-175916.jpg We finished the night with macha ice cream.

20140609-175958.jpg Overall, I would say that it was an average experience. It was a good meal, but I had expected more showmanship and creativity in terms of food pairing and/or presentation.

20140609-180038.jpg 17 Carpenter Street
Open Mon-Sat 12nn-3pm/6:30-10:30pm