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Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Happy 2014!

Just before 2013 came to an end, we visited an old favourite for R’s birthday.

We started with the Fine de Claire oysters ($5 each). They were really good! Extremely fresh, succulent and sweet. No fishy odour at all; there was no need to drown them in lemon juice and tobasco as I usually do for less-than-fresh oysters.


We also had the swordfish belly sashimi ($18.95). Also very fresh but I felt somewhat funny having sashimi in a non-Japanese place, but that’s just me.


To add something crunchy to the mix, I ordered the crab cake with wasabi aioli ($13.95). It was crunchy on the outside alright but waaay too mushy inside. It would have been nice to have morsels of crab meat within, for added taste and bite. I would probably skip this next time.


The NZ little neck clams in white wine garlic sauce ($18.95) came next. I think the clams may have been overcooked and they were a tad too tough and chewy. But the freshness made up for it and they were tasty with the clammy wine broth. We also dipped our bread into the broth and it was really yummy!


The star of the meal came last – the Boston lobster! It is Lobster Bash every Monday and the lobsters are at a promotional price of $39.95 each. You can choose the style you want it done; we had it steamed. This is the best lobster I have had! The meat was firm, juicy, succulent and sweet. It was perfectly matched with the accompanying sauce. I forgot to ask what sauce it was but Mr Google suggests that it is brown butter with lemon.


Overall, a very satisfying seafood meal. The next time we visit, we are each having 1 lobster. Can’t wait!


34 Greenwood Avenue
Open daily 12nn-1030pm