The chronicles of a greedy porcupine and her fellow greedy poxies.

YEA to cheese, avocado, chicken wings, potato, steaks, oxtail, lamb, luncheon meat, sashimi
MEH to fish (except sashimi), oats, green peas, anything too sour

Frequent greedy poxies
– R, the long suffering husband and anti-dairy
– S, the long suffering friend and anti-meat
– B, husband of S but antithesis of anti-meat
– Z, the coffee-loving mummy who drops crumbs all over her baby boy in her pursuit of food
– L, the food guru who gets emo with good food
– MissY, who came up with the term “greedy pox” and constantly says all sorts of funny things

Frequent greedy group poxies
– the Spiffy Lunch Group – S, Z, L (from above) + N, the cultured foodie + K and J, the “slaves”
– the Yeos – the BIL and SIL and their little strawberry
– the Girls – C, J and A, “demure and resolute” (according to our school motto) gals trying to stay young (at heart)

Join the greedy poxies as we seek out new feeding grounds.


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