Warning for S and my “no-pork-for-me” friends: this place only serves pork, and nothing else!

Amongst 3 colleagues and I, we shared:

Pork Grillets ($6)
IMG_5368.JPG Sinful, bouncy, chewy, fatty little bites. Just a tad sweet after your 4th one.

Komba Bao ($6 for 2)
IMG_5369.JPG Interpretation of the Chinese kong-ba bao. Was super looking forward to this! Imagine biting through the crusty shell of the deep fried bun, then finding the soft fluffy bread and then sinking your teeth into the warm meaty pork. This is like a bigger scale fried mantou with meat. Super delicious; just a notch too sweet.

Sumo Burger ($13)
IMG_5365.JPG Soft buns with juicy minced pork patty and crispy batter fried pork belly – a good mix of various textures and taste. Good but I somehow didn’t find it too exciting. Would probably try their signature, Big Boss (stack of onion ring, sunny side up, bacon and pork patty) next time.

Stevo Sandwich ($10)
IMG_5366.JPG Of all our orders, this sounded the least sinful and I thought it would be the least yummy. Wrong. The sweet home-made apple sauce complemented the salty roasted pork belly slices really well and the bread provided the neutral balancer. I actually liked this best of the 4!

Overall, a nice casual place for pork lovers – definitely check this out if you are into pork, and especially if you are in the CBD.
IMG_5372.JPG 72 Circular Road
Open daily (except Sun) 11am-3pm; 6-10pm


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