Back from a long hiatus!

We had our monthly girls’ night at Braserio, a new grill place along Joo Chiat (near Scanteak, for those familiar with the area). The place was totally empty when we got there at 7:20pm which got me slightly worried. They did fill up later in the evening (maybe we were just the uncool early birds).

IMG_5566.JPG They put us on the second floor, and whilst the exclusivity of having the whole floor to ourselves was entertaining for a bit, it got little difficult to get prompt service with the servers stationed downstairs. Our server was a young, earnest and shy boy who tried very hard so we played nice.

The menu went easy on brain cells. For $19,90++, you choose from beef steak, beef skewers, roast chicken or the monthly specials (prawns for this month) and it comes with free flow of fries and salad. Both A and C commented separately that it should be the other way around – greedy buggers.

There are also a few appetisers and desserts but none too compelling. For alkies, you may want to try their speciality Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail of sugar cane hard liquor, sugar and lime.

The flavour of the night was beef steak, medium rare. The steak was juicy and tender, but perhaps underdone (almost raw) at parts. A liked it but I thought it was too barbaric for me. Can’t ask for too much at this price point – so won’t comment on marbling but there were enough fatty bits to make one happy.

IMG_5569.JPG The fries were literally cut potato sticks. Very rustic; I like the pieces with the skin still on – I guess they were crispier. Somehow fries done this way are not as addictive; we didn’t need refills. The salad was lettuce and tomatoes tossed together, also no refills required.

IMG_5568.JPG The meal came with their 3 house-special sauces – BBQ, Mango and Mustard. I like the mustard best – sourish and slightly spicy; adds punch to the fries and meat.

IMG_5567.JPG This may sound a little harsh, but my honest opinion is that I am not too sure where this may fit in with the competitive F&B scene. It does not have the warm Latino overdose-on-meats vibes of a Brazillian Churrascaria nor the all-too-popular industrial-chic hippy set-up. It felt a little more like Grill meets Ikea. Whilst the meat was good and price reasonable, there are just too many options out there and nothing too unique to draw me back.

333 Joo Chiat Road
Open 6-11pm
Braseiro Restaurant Singapore


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