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I was meeting C for lunch and she suggested Koji though she was there just the day before! I figured it must be that good and I will never say “no” to Japanese food so off we went.

We both had the sashimi bowl ($17), although I must say the other rice bowls (salmon avocado, tuna tartare, pork cheek) also called out.

And it was EXCELLENT indeed! There were very generous chunks of sashimi; what sets it apart is that it also has a mix of tempura batter bits, jellyfish, ikura, tobiko (or maybe ebiko) and minced tuna on top, with a couple of sprouts and slices of cucumber. Each mouthful was a riot – the soft chewy sashimi with the taste of the sea, further enhanced by the umami bursts of the ikura/tobiko and the cool jello crunch of jellyfish, plus the crunch of the fried bits and the buttery smear of the tuna. Sublime! It was also not too salty as compared to other chirashi-dons I have had. IMG_2795.JPG IMG_2796.JPG You can choose from white or brown rice and also opt for a top-up of uni ($8). The rice bowl comes with complimentary miso soup and a salad. I also like it that other than the usual green tea, they also serve yuzu tea ($3) which was fruity and light (not too sour, not too sweet). IMG_2793.JPG Koji is a small space and I suspect Qs will form once word of this new set-up spreads so check it out before it gets too crowded. Super highly recommended! IMG_2789.JPG #01-42 Nankin Row 3 Pickering Street
Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-3pm / 5-10pm