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Souper Sarnies

Z and I had an impromptu lunch date. We sorta had somewhere in mind but ended up strolling past Souper Sarnies and giving it a shot cos’ Z thought the place “looks cute”.

We shared 2 sandwiches, and topped up to add a salad/soup for $3. The sandwiches are all freshly prepared upon your order so there may a slight wait.

We both had the mushroom soup which came piping hot, just the way I like my food. It is different from the usual creamy mushroom soup – it was lighter, earthy and slightly herby (which also translates to: a blander, less creamy mix).

20140918-223329-81209363.jpg Eggplosion – toasted sourdough with truffle oil egg mayo ($8.90) 20140918-223629-81389219.jpg Sorry for the bleah photo – I tried to separate the slices to feature the egg mayo but the gooey mixture wasn’t too co-operative. The truffle egg mayo was flavourful – pity that it was quite a stingy spread and you don’t taste much of it. Z actually lifted her bread at one point to check if she was missing something. I also found the bread too crisp for my liking and it was a little grating on the palette.

Chicken Avo – toasted panini with chicken mayo and avocado ($9.90)
20140918-224426-81866236.jpg Again, I found the bread overly toasted. There was more in this sandwich – lightly salted chicken chunks with mayo and avocado but I would definitely have preferred more avocado, much much more.

I somehow feel that this cafe has the potential to do better. It is a cool unpretentious little sandwich joint but I personally think they need to refine the bread toasting bit and be far more generous with their ingredients.

20140918-233246-84766377.jpg 20140918-233247-84767510.jpg 1 Tras Link #01-07 Orchid Hotel
Open 8:30am-9pm (except Sun)


Dutch Colony Coffee @ Frankel Ave

Dutch Colony Coffee opens in the East!

20140906-141220-51140345.jpg 20140906-141220-51140680.jpg They have single origins from Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Sumatra, Ethiopia and El Salvador. And you can choose from various hand brews or steampunk methods. Hee, I am actually copying all these from the menu; I left the “cheem” stuff to the coffee connoiseurs at the table and had my usual iced latte. 😉 The iced latte is damn good though – extremely smooth!

In short, good coffee, and a cool place to hang out. I bet the crowds will start swarming in – check it out soon!

20140906-141312-51192354.jpg 113 Frankel Ave
Open Mon-Thu 8am-8pm / Fri-Sun 8am-10pm