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Pince & Pints

It was the talk of town and of course, we had to try it!

B, S, R and I trooped down on a Tue evening and thought we would beat the crowd if we chiong-ed off from work at 6 sharp. How wrong we were! Whilst I get that a “no reservations” policy allows a restaurant to pack it full, it really does not make the customer experience a pleasant one. We had to hang around for 45 minutes for a table – I think the neighbouring shops will benefit from the extra traffic.

The food sure didn’t disappoint though! There were 4 of us so we had the lobster all 4 styles ($48 each).

Lobster roll

20140828-185024-67824510.jpg Oooh… the buttery roll, good enough to be eaten plain, but even better with the creamy, sweet lobster chunks. Though a roll somehow makes you feel less “oppulent” than eating a lobster whole (if you know what I mean), don’t let it hold you back; it’s yummy (and it IS the meat of one whole lobster!).

Live whole lobster – steam vs grilled

20140828-185427-68067430.jpg 20140828-185427-68067769.jpg Both were good cos’ the lobsters were so fresh – sweet, juicy and succulent. The steamed version just had a slight edge as grilling probably dried out the juice a little.

Chilli Lobster

20140828-201922-73162040.jpg The sauce is very similar to the chilli crab sauce you would get at popular seafood restaurants in Singapore – a perfect dip for the accompanying fried man tou and B even ordered an extra plain roll to wipe up the gravy. R the Brave conquered most of the lobster (the rest of us valued our light colored clothes more) and he gave it a chilli-stained thumbs up!

Overall, a superb place for fresh lobsters, beautifully prepared. Recommend! (But go early to avoid the Q).

20140828-202847-73727576.jpg 33 Duxton Road
Open Mon-Sat 5-11pm