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Full of Crab

R and I were always tickled by the name of this place near our house. When R had cravings for crabs, we decided to try out the food.

The concept is similar to “Crab in da Bag” at Big Splash, where food is served in big plastic bags and you eat off the table, Flintstones’ style, with bibs and tools provided.

We started off with complimentary fish sticks appetizer, whilst deciding what to order.

20140728-124038-45638955.jpg We zoomed in on the Captain’s Choice (1kg Sri Lankan crabs and 500g shrimps), which comes with a choice of baby potatoes or corn ($94).

20140728-124526-45926749.jpg 20140728-124527-45927130.jpg There are 3 sauce choices – Cajun, Garlic Butter and Fully Loaded (combi of the first two). The choice is obvious for kiasu Singaporeans, and you can choose the spiciness level. I really liked the garlicky spiciness but the oil didn’t sit well in the tummy after a while.

The crabs were fresh and meat was sweet and succulent. The shrimps however were disappointing – they were not quite so plump and succulent, and were a little soft and mushy.

With the Maybank card, we also got a free portion of twiggy fries – thin, crispy potato sticks. I liked it a lot; it was such a huge portion, we had to grudgingly leave some behind.

20140728-125454-46494463.jpg My slight gripe about the place is space. The tables are small and with the drinks, sides plus mess of eating seafood, I would have preferred a bigger space to eat comfortably. Although the restaurant wasn’t full, the server wasn’t open to us combining tables.

Overall, an ok place for crabs. But space- and price-wise, I think “Crabs in da Bag” has a slight edge.

20140728-130006-46806682.jpg 195 East Coast Road
Open 4-10pm (Mon/Wed/Thu) / 4-10:30pm (Fri) / 11:30am-10:30pm (Sat/Sun)


Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!

A lazy morning and we got up only at 11am to head rush down for R’s business discussion at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

I’m not part of the discussion so decided to blog on-the-go.

As usual, here’s my milky coffee (iced latte, $6) vs his black coffee (long black, $5).

20140728-120651-43611806.jpg I had the shaved ham and brie cheese croissant with an egg in a pot ($15).

20140728-120941-43781872.jpg I thought it was so-so. The croissant was not warm and a little dense. The ham pieces were thick and generous and brie came through intermittently. The egg in a pot is just an half-boiled egg; nothing too fancy. I should have gone for the pies, dang.

R had the smoked salmon bruschetta ($15).

20140728-121313-43993402.jpg I liked the tomato mix – it hit the right note; good mix-in of onion and not too sour. But I found the smoked salmon a teeny fishy (but that could be just the non-fish-person in me speaking) – and as R’s goddaughter rightly pointed out – “but salmon is a fish mah”. R polished all 4 pieces and thought it was ok.

Overall, I really like the buzz and vibe of Craftsmen – may pass on the food next time and just chill out with some coffee and snacks.

20140728-121756-44276425.jpg #01-01 Siglap V
Open 8:30-8pm (Thu-Sat) / 8:30am-9:30pm (Fri-Sun)