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Credit to L – the restaurant for our Spiffy Lunch this month was so new that there weren’t any blog reviews up yet!

L, Z and I shared 3 pastas.

Pappardelle with lamb ($22)

20140511-161612.jpg This was their off-menu special. An interesting combi of tomato, black olives, barley and lamb. Caution though that it has a very strong lamb taste/smell that may not be for everyone.

Pappardelle with spanner crab ($25)

20140511-161711.jpg This was recommended in their write-up in the papers. I saw it as “snapper” crab and wondered what the heck that was until S set me straight. It was a light pasta; the tomato base was not too thick/sour.

Black pasta with chopped prawns, mussels, cuttlefish and chilli ($24)

20140511-161810.jpg L actually ordered it for himself, but when the server mentioned that this was the best amongst the pastas, I unashamedly dictated that we were sharing; poor L. We totally agreed with the recommendation and this was our favourite! It was flavourful, briny, with the taste of the sea and a slight hint of red chilli spiciness.

N bucked the pasta trend and ordered a lamb sandwich ($16). It was nicely presented; he finished it all but did comment that his jaw was aching from the chewy bread and meat.

20140511-162457.jpg To round off the meal, we ordered 3 desserts ($12 each) to share.


20140511-161917.jpg Light vanilla cream within a crusty shield. We easily finished it all.

Vanilla panna cotta

20140511-162022.jpg The consensus was that the panna cotta was too dense texturally, though it was light on taste. It wasn’t enjoyable enough to finish.

Banoffee pie

20140511-162132.jpg This dessert was super sweet! You dig your spoon in and no matter what you fished out… toffee, banana, mascapone cheese… it was just a mouthful of overwhelming sweetness. Not for the diabetic.

Overall, a non-snobbish and cool Italian place with great pastas (though the portions are quite small). Another gem along Tras Street.

20140511-162218.jpg 54 Tras Street
Open (tba)


Rice House

The girls and I have been ill-fated with Rice House and we were met with closed doors twice before. But it was opened this time! And AC was also back from Hong Kong to join us for this vegetarian feast. Yes, it was feast; we ordered 13 dishes amongst 5 gals (each between $3-6).

I am clueless when it comes to vegetarian food, so I will let the photos do most of the talking and only mention the dishes that stood out for me.

The Noodles

20140505-151645.jpg Clockwise: braised noodle, herbal monkey head mee sua, tom yam udon, dang gui sliced fish mee sua

I definitely liked the herbal and dang gui soups – earthy, herbal and flavourful. I also liked the tom yam noodles – it hit the right level of spiciness/sourness.

The Braised and The Deep-fried

20140505-151754.jpg Clockwise: five-spice tau gwa, dong-po meat, crispy duck, texas fried chicken

We were obsessed with knowing what each dish was, but I’m not sure why since we know for sure it is not any duck or chicken as we know it.

The dong-po meat was my favourite of night! I am not sure what it comprised of, but it had 3 layers with a variety of textures and nicely flavoured with the braised sauce.

The fried stuff were over-fried and the crispy parts were more hard than crispy; will probably give this a miss next time.

The Random

20140505-151910.jpg Clockwise: tofu, kai-lan, curry fish head, sliced pig’s trotters

The tofu was interesting – sweet (from the cai-po) and salty (from the olives). The sliced pig’s trotters tasted really like ham; not too sure what to make of it.

Overall, a cheap-ish place for vegetarian food. But if you are a vegetarian noob, do go with more “learned” friends so you are not overwhelmed by the extensive menu which does not tell you exactly what goes into each dish.

Blk 129 Geylang East Ave 1
Not open on Mon

Parsley & Thyme

R whisked me to the Kampong Bahru area last Friday in search of inspiration for a new blog entry. We went by Strangers Reunion which was crazy crowded, and then Waffle Slayer but waffles for dinner just seemed weird to me. Then we came to this small space with bold red walls, Parsley and Thyme. I was sold the moment I saw French Onion Soup topped with melted cheese on the menu.

20140505-110912.jpg I chose the set dinner ($38.50++) and R had the Prawn Aglio Olio ($22++).

French Onion Soup

20140505-111031.jpg Rich beef broth with chunks of caramelized onions, topped with a toasted crostini and melted cheese. It was very flavourful but slightly too salty.

Beef Cheek

20140505-111123.jpg True to the description in the menu, this was indeed “meltingly tender”. The mash potatoes and grilled vegetables were well done too. Thumbs up.

Prawn Aglio Olio

20140505-111206.jpg They ran out of linguine and R had to make do with penne. It was very garlicky and R really enjoyed it, though I think some chilli flakes would have given it a perfect score. I assume the tiger prawns were fresh and crunchy since R finished all 6 of them by himself, without offering me any (hmpf!).

Nutella Chocolate Mousse

20140505-111247.jpg Nothing too fancy – chocolate mousse served with crushed hazelnut praline (which was pretty tough-going on the teeth) and toasted hazelnuts.

It must be hard being in F&B these days. The food was good (definitely a few notches above average) but I don’t quite see us returning often. The dishes are not unique enough to draw us back and if we were to venture out, there are just too many new eateries jostling for attention.

61 Kampong Bahru Road
Open Mon-Fri 12-2:30pm, 6-10pm / Sat 6-10pm